COVID-19 Remote Work Crisis Solved!

Let’s face it. We’re all having to change the way we work because of the global Coronavirus pandemic. And many companies who have offices and employees positioned across the country are struggling to meet the remote challenge. From regional offices to franchise owners, knowing how to approach working from home has quickly become a demanding and confusing scenario. And that’s true even for companies with a talented, internal IT department. Help has arrived!

A New Way to Work…From Home!

Whether you’ve got your VPN and other systems covered or not, employees used to working from an office are struggling when working from home. From laptops to video conferencing, phone and security systems, things taken for granted at the office are now alien to many now entering the home-office environment.

We’re Not Offering Cookie-Cutter IT Solutions

eRelevant knows that you challenges are all different. And that’s why we’re different from a typical IT company selling canned solutions. We quickly learn what your challenges are and quickly create solutions to mitigate them. It’s the new normal.

Here are the four main areas we find our clients having issues with and which we provide individual solutions for:



Any remote work contingency plan should address any potential risks to data security and client privacy. We help businesses set trusted remote protocols to keep users and the information they are accessing safe.



It takes an experienced partner to properly meet regulatory requirements that satisfy PCI, HIPAA, FINRA and other industry regulations, many of which overlap. And a breach can be devastating for an ill-prepared business.



Whether for internal employees and staff or external clients and prospects, communication systems right now are the keys to keeping you business going. From VoIP to GoToMeeting, we’ve got the right solution.



Whether you have the IT infrastructure to fulfill any or all of the first three areas, or require our expertise for those solutions, you may still need the appropriate hardware to make your remote work program complete and effective.

A Partner with National Reach

eRelevant couldn’t do all of this on our own. We’ve partnered with the best IT company in the business to not only make sure we had the complete range of IT solutions our clients may need during this crisis, but that has the national scope for implementation and support.  CMIT Solutions has more than 200 locations in North America with over 700 technical employees. 

So, What’s the Process? I Need Help Now!


1-Hour Consult

Simply put, let’s have a call or video conference for us explore your particular issues and pain points.


Hi-Level Tech Review

The next step is to have a conversation with our tech team to find out all the system details.


Tech Inspection

Our team remotes in and investigates the known issues, and possibly ones you didn’t know you had.

Once the 3 steps are complete, we’ll furnish you with a comprehensive proposal, detailing a go-forward plan specifically designed for you an your company. 

To start the process, email us right now. We’ll be in touch immediately. We know time is of the essence.

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