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what is relevant now?

eRelevant is all about eCommerce and our clients remaining relevant to their customers. It’s what our tagline refers to. It’s about being relevant today and into the future. eRelevant is a consulting firm developed by pioneers in the industry with a combined 100 years of experience in marketing, IT, legal and digital presence.


We not only provide consulting for eCommerce, marketing, eSignature, compliance and technology solutions, but we actually provide implementation as well. We like getting our hands dirty…ish.


Whether you are in Lending, Insurance, or are looking to further your digital commerce presence with speed-to-market, you’ve come to the right place. eRelevant marry’s industries with the right answers, providing individualized solutions with a competitive edge.


Want to know more? The rest of this site is almost ready for launch. But until it is, drop us a note using the form. We’d love to discuss more about us, or more importantly, more about you and your business.
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